Klimins are the major race on their country homeland of Zorisimakk. Klimins are a basic race, evolving from ancient times, known for being a warrior/hard race--to now being that, and the fact they have many features. Klimins can breathe underwater for 100 seconds (a minute and 40 seconds). Klimins are also known to be good at politics, and math, solving equations, and are known for creating one of the first major languages on all of of Roras, as well as inventing the majority of math in anicent times.


Common appearanceEdit


A common Klimik warrior in Zorisimakk

Most Klimiks have the appearance of a common elf. They have pointy ears, can have skin from dark blue to light white. Their hair is usually mohawks, but you can change it later. Muscles are a big thing for them, but they usually don't go above 20 pounds. 

Notable skillsEdit

Klimiks are the best at bow and arrows. Any warrior Klimik you see, will usually have one equipped with another weapon. 

Klimiks have a very brittle and good sense of smell. Living for generations in the pine forests and mountainous of Zorisimakk, left a mark.

Klimiks can breathe underwater for 100 seconds (almost 2 minutes). Some lack this skill.